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Super Ventures - fund and incubator dedicated to augmented reality, virutal reality and wearable technology


We use our proprietary industry roadmap as our guide to invest pre-seed and seed capital in companies building the future. Our AR-focused investor network puts our startups in front of

$1 billion in total funding power.


We have fostered the world’s largest AR community of over 250,000 professionals 1000 companies and 300 experts. Our communities raise up entrepreneurs and startups for early investment and act as a network to support them. 



We produce AWE - the world's #1 AR event series since 2010. The conference and expo series (USA, Europe, Asia, MEA) and worldwide meetup chapters bring together key players from the entire ecosystem.



Our team has over 36 years combined experience building the AR, VR and wearables ecosystem. We have founded, advised, and helped secure funding for early stage startups including ARToolworks, HIT Lab NZ, BuildAR, Ogmento, Meta, Blippar, InfinityAR, Fringefy, Puteko (Quiver), Augary, Augmate, Cimagine, Eyeway Vision, Kazooloo, Mindride, Fantasmo and CandyLab.

Ori Inbar

Founder & Managing Partner

Ori is the world’s leading expert in augmented reality and has devoted the past 10 years to fostering the AR ecosystem. In 2009, Ori was the co-founder and CEO of Ogmento (renamed Flyby Media - Acquired by Apple), one of the first venture-backed companies conceived to develop augmented reality games and tech. In 2012, Ori founded, a non-profit organization on a mission to advance augmented reality in order to advance humanity. has a moonshot goal to inspire 1 billion active users of augmented reality by 2020 and is the producing organization behind AWE, the world’s largest AR event in Silicon Valley, Asia, and Europe. Ori is a recognized speaker in industry events and a sought-after advisor for AR startups and initiatives. Previously, as Senior Vice President of Solution Marketing for SAP’s platform, Ori was responsible for the positioning and marketing of SAP NetWeaver - which under his leadership grew from a mere concept to a billion dollar business for SAP. Prior to SAP, Ori joined TopTier Software, as one of the first employees of this start-up. He lead the development and introduction to the market of more than 15 multimedia and business applications including the world’s leading enterprise portal, which in 2001 was acquired by SAP for $400 Million.

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Tom Emrich

Mentor & Advisor

Sometimes called the “man from the future”, Tom is recognized as one of the world’s leading thought leaders and influencers in augmented reality, virtual reality & wearable technology. Tom brings over a decade-long track record of running tech teams and providing strategic direction in emerging technologies for powerhouse brands such as Nestlé, Best Buy and MTV. Billion-dollar revenue global events leader UBM acquired Tom’s influential blog about wearable tech, which he founded in 2012 as one of the earliest sources of news and analysis in the sector. He continued to cover the space as a freelance journalist and as a featured wearable tech expert on a recurring segment on Canada's largest morning show, CTV's Canada AM. In 2013, Tom founded We Are Wearables which he grew to the largest wearable tech community of its kind prior to its acquisition by, the non-profit behind the world's #1 spatial computing event series and community, AWE. Tom continued to nurture and grow the AR & VR ecosystem as co-producer of AWE for nearly six years producing conference and expos in the USA, Europe, Asia and MEA and supporting a network of meetup chapters around the world. He continues to support the building of the spatial computing community as a board member of Tom is also an investor in augmented reality. He was one of the founding partners at Super Ventures, a fund dedicated to augmented reality.  Tom continues to support Super Ventures as a mentor and advisor. Tom’s thoughts on wearables, AR and VR are often sought after by media giants such as CNN, BBC, Forbes and The NY Times, and on stage as a speaker for conferences such as TEDx, CES & SXSW. His passion for this space is driven by his belief that spatial computing (AR, VR, AI, IoT & wearable tech) plays a critical role in our human evolution. 

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Matt Miesnieks


Matt has a unique commercial and tech operational background which he brings to Super Ventures to help early stage startups find product market fit. He most recently led an AR R&D team at Samsung and previously was co-founder & CEO of Dekko, the company that invented 3D AR holograms on IOS. Prior to this Matt led worldwide customer development at Layar in Amsterdam, resulting in their AR browser being pre-loaded on the majority of Android smartphones & promoted in high profile marketing campaigns. Before that Matt led Asia based commercial and technical teams for Sylantro, Openwave, Ascend Communications and founded + sold an ISP. Matt has raised approximately $15m for AR companies in the last 5 years & served in public company VP level roles. He is a formal advisor to 3 fast growing startups (30Mhz (EU), Fantasmo (US) and Yuno Juno (UK)). He has 4 AR patents pending and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Wollongong University.

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Mark Billinghurst

Venture Partner

Mark is the definitive voice in collaborative AR and interaction design for AR and wearable interfaces with multiple patents and citations of his research papers in the field. He developed some of the world’s first collaborative AR interfaces, and one of the first tools for visual authoring of AR scenes, BuildAR – a product of Envisage AR of which is the founder. In 2002, he founded the HIT Lab NZ, a leading AR research laboratory, which created 8 spin-out companies including Quiver which recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding and has seen over 2 million downloads of its AR colouring book application. Mark was also co-founder of ARToolworks (acquired in 2015 by DAQRI), which produced ARToolKit, the most popular open source AR tracking library. Professor Mark Billinghurst completed the first PhD on collaborative AR systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington and has received many accolades for his work including the 2013 IEEE VR Technical Achievement award for achievements in Augmented Reality research and commercialization, and the 2001 Discover Award for developing the AR MagicBook technology. He has over 20 years of experience in the research, commercialization and development of Augmented Reality technology.

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